Moving homes is a tough enough decision emotionally. Add to that is the weary task of packing up, making it physically challenging. Even if you are organized, packing personal items, such as clothes, is not easy. If you have children, the task becomes that much more difficult. The main issue is, how do you pack and unpack without ruining or losing items? How do you ensure all your outfits stay clean, tidy and organized? Although professional packers can do the needful for you, not everyone likes their personal belongings sorted by strangers. If you are one of them, here are a few tips from Econo Moving and Storage to lessen the effort.

#1 Clothes Selection

The secret to staying organized about your clothes is to take time to sort through them and take just what you need to save you time, money and stress. Here’s how:

– Give away clothes you won’t be needing. You can also vacuum seal them for long-term storage.

– Donate clothes that are not in fashion anymore.

– Hold a garage sale for clothes that your kids or you have outgrown.

– Dispose of outfits that are worn or torn. Alternately, cut them up and use as cleaning rags. You will need a lot of those when you move homes.

– If you can’t find one half of a pair, dispose the garment. Socks or gloves for instance.

– Give away clothes that don’t suit your style anymore. If they are in good condition, sell them online.

#2 Moving Day

homes is stressful. There are times when you may pack everything only to realize that you don’t have the essentials with you. Here’s how you can get organized:

-Keep a bag or suitcase to easily access essential outfits for the next few days.

– Make sure the bag contains undergarments, night clothes, comfortable trousers, shorts and t-shirts for the moving day, a couple of formal wear for last minute dinner invitations and a waterproof jacket for sudden weather change.

– Don’t forget your towels and swimsuits if you plan to stay in a hotel in between your move. Nothing like a dip in the pool to help relieve stress.

– Carry extra sets of clothes for infants and toddlers for unexpected sick days. Moving homes can be as stressful for your children as it is for you. Children like familiar surroundings.

– Moving throws them in unfamiliar situations that they often find hard to deal with, falling ill in the process. If you are calm and prepared, your kids will be too.

#3 Storage

Make sure that the clothes you have at hand are low maintenance. The rest that will be put away in boxes need to be dry clean, organized properly to keep them in good condition.

– Fold and stack crease-free fabrics in boxes lined with bubble wraps.

– Before putting away suits, blouses, shirts, evening wear and trousers on hangers in wardrobe boxes that are equipped with a metal rod for easy storage on hangers, make sure to drop off items that need dry cleaning first.
Store woollens in vacuum sealed bags to reduce volume.

– Mark all boxes with a waterproof marker so you can separate the seasonal clothes from those that you don’t immediately need. Start getting organized at least a week in advance.

– Don’t empty out the drawers of lighter items such as undergarments and t-shirts. Just fold them or roll them neatly, covered with bubble wrap and move as is. Put away clean sheets and towels in separate drawers so you know where they are in your new home. Secure the drawers with tape.

– You can store regular outfits in garbage bags to keep them from getting dirty. Cover the outfit with the bag, make a small hole on the sealed end and pull the hangers through with the clothes on. Secure the open end with a twisted knot. How easy was that?

– If all this is still too much for you, visit Econo Moving and Storage Ltd., North Vancouver, to lighten the load. We can handle every aspect of your move with professional, friendly packing service. You can also call us or visit our location.

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