When packing up for your move, chances are you have breakable items that you don’t want to get damaged during transport to your new home. Here are our four easy tips on how you can effectively pack your most fragile items and keep them safe!

Use The Right Packing Materials

Fragile items need materials that will provide ample cushioning and protection during transportation. Many people use old towels, blankets and newspapers to wrap their fragile items, but these are not the best choices. Newspapers are dirty and usually means more cleaning at your new home, while old towels can easily slip and cannot be secured with tape.

We always suggest investing in the right tools, including:

– High-quality moving boxes
– Bubble wrap
– Packing peanuts
– Packing paper
– Packing tape

It can also be beneficial to have pre-divided boxes for a specific product, such as dishes or glassware. Smaller compartments mean less space for movement and, in turn, lowered chances of damage.

We also recommend repackaging items in their original packaging, if you’ve kept them. These materials are perfectly sized for your fragile item and will provide the highest level of protection.

Take Your Time

It’s best not to rush when it comes to packing breakable items. Take your time and start packing them away well in advance of moving day. You’ll thank yourself when all your items arrive at your new home safe and sound.

The Order Matters

The packing order of your fragile items is an essential part of the process. Start with the heaviest item on the bottom and work your way to the lightest at the top. You can also put soft materials like a towel or packing peanuts on the bottom of the box for extra padding. Remember to fill up any space with packing peanuts or paper to prevent your fragile items from moving around. This includes adding an extra layer at the top before sealing the box!

Use The Right Technique For Each Item

Here is a guide to the best ways to pack some of the most common household items.

Plates: Stack your individually wrapped plates vertically in a small to medium box lined with packing paper on the bottom and the top. Make sure not to overpack the box!

Glasses: Line a small or medium box with a good amount of packing paper and wrap each glass individually. Remember to place a piece of crumpled paper inside the glass to reduce empty space! You should also fill any areas around the glasses with packing paper to minimize potential movement in the box.

Lamps: Bubble wrap the bases and box your lampshades separately with lots of paper with the flat side down.

TVs: Start with removing all cables and accessories such as standing legs. Wrap the screen with a moving blanket and secure it with packing tape. We highly recommend using its original packaging if possible. If not, place it inside a large box and close it tightly with tape.

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