We’ve all been there – opening the garage door only to be confronted by a disorganized mess. Our garages can easily become dumping grounds for clutter, from old bikes and sports gear to boxes of who-knows-what. But decluttering and organizing this often neglected space can be a manageable task. Planning allows you to transform your garage into a neat and functional room.

Sort Through the Clutter

The first step is to pull everything out of the garage so you can see it all laid out. Go through item by item and ask yourself: Do I use this? Is it in good condition? If the answer is no, it’s time to let it go. Donate usable items or dispose of anything broken. This initial sorting will help you get a handle on what needs to stay versus what’s just taking up unnecessary space.

Designate Storage Spaces 

Once you know what’s staying, it’s time to set up functional storage. Designate areas for outdoor equipment, sports gear, tools, etc. Shelving provides easy access for less frequently used items, while cabinets are great for storing supplies up high. A workbench gives you a clear space to tackle repairs and projects. Wall-mounted storage like hooks and racks are ideal for bikes, brooms, and garden hoses. Labels help you find what you need quickly.

Organize Within Storage Areas

To prevent clutter from returning, organize each storage area further. Group like items together—all gardening supplies in one tote, car care products on one shelf. Standing storage bins, stackable drawers, and divided containers help prevent loose items from getting jumbled together. Consider installing wall-mounted cabinets to store seasonal supplies out of the way.

Maintain the System

Decluttering is just half the battle – the key is keeping the new garage organization system working long-term. Set aside garage cleanup time weekly or monthly, and always put items directly back into their designated spots. Resist letting clutter creep back in. Over time, maintaining the decluttered garage will become a habit that saves you time and stress whenever you need to find something.

Get Help From Movers

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With the right storage solutions, you can easily transform a cluttered garage into a neat, usable space. Approach it in bite-sized chunks and keep up the maintenance—your future self will thank you every time you need to grab something from the (now clutter-free!) garage.