One of the most fragile and expensive things you need to consider when you start packing is your glassware. You want to make sure everything gets to its new home in one piece. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your glassware stays intact during your big move.

Use moving boxes

Do not use just any box you have laying around for your breakables. Moving boxes have double-wall corrugation, which makes them extra insulated and strong compared to mailing boxes. This extra layer provides added protection and absorbs external impact and vibration so that the contents inside do shift. Cheaping out on the box you use to move glassware is not worth the risk of damaging it.

Glass tables

Long and thin glass tables will typically not fit in a standard moving box. You should get a custom box for your glass table called a crate. These crates are created by cutting a moving box and flattening it. The cardboard can then be wrapped around the table along with a moving blanket for extra protection. You may need to tape more than one box together if you have a huge glass table. China or wardrobe boxes can also be used to cover an entire table.


The method of packing a large glass mirror is similar to packing a glass table. You should create a large box from smaller moving boxes and cover the mirror with a moving blanket as well. Smaller mirrors can be moved by wrapping it in bubble wrap or packing paper and putting it in a picture box. You may need to use a wooden crate depending on the size of the mirror and if you are travelling a long distance.


Wine glasses

This glassware is tricky to move because of its irregular shape. The wide top and skinny stem make the spatial logistics of arranging wine glasses in a packing box difficult. On top of that, each wine glass should be wrapped individually. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap, but do not use newspaper to wrap glasses as the ink can smear onto it.

Boxes with wine glasses should be layered with cushioning on the bottom. Add more packing paper between glasses to act as a buffer and prevent them from shifting and colliding during transit. You can use bubble wrap or packing paper to cushion the bottom of the box. Be sure to place heavy items on the bottom and light items near the top of the box. The tighter you can pack the box with packing paper or bubble wrap, the less susceptible the contents inside will be to breaking.

Shot glasses

Similar to wine glasses, shot glasses need to be packed with extra care. Unlike wine glasses though, shot glasses can be stacked on top of one another. Doing so also prevents the need to wrap each glass separately as you would with wine glasses. Be sure to pack each box tightly with packing paper to prevent the glasses from moving around too much on its journey.


Because boxes of glassware are packed with so much filler, it can feel light. Make sure you label fragile boxes as such to remind yourself and others to handle it with care.

The professionals at Econo Moving & Storage have years of experience moving items of all shapes, sizes, and delicacy. We make custom-made crates and we can also provide you the services with mirror and picture boxes in different sizes. We will ensure all your precious valuables get to their new home in one piece. Contact us for more information.

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