Moving is often quite stressful, and entrusting the transition of your special items to unknown movers can add even more stress. Specialty moving boxes can make this big change in your life much easier. For any oddly shaped item or ones that hold special significance, a specialty box offers more security. Here’s a guide to all the specialty moving boxes that can make your next move easier:

Wardrobe Boxes

It’s exhausting to spend time separating piles of clothes into boxes during your move. Wardrobe boxes are time efficient and convenient for their exclusive ability to hold up to 100 pounds of clothing. Purchase a large wardrobe moving box, with or without hangers, and distribute the clothes.

TV Moving Boxes

Although it may seem unnecessary, keeping your tv box from your purchase can come in handy for a move. The original box that the TV comes in is perfectly designed to keep it snug and safe. However, if you don’t have the original TV box during the time of your move, you can purchase a specialty moving box for electronics or flat-screen TV which will keep yours safe through the journey. There are a variety of sizes for you to choose from to make it easier.

Mirror Moving Boxes

Your mirror is one of the items that will require the most care and protection during the move. A mirror moving box will protect it during the transition and there are various options to choose from based on size.

Utility Moving Boxes

Utility moving boxes are perfect for packing sports equipment from golf clubs and fishing rods to rifles. The thin rectangular box doesn’t take up as much room in the transition and keeps your equipment secure. These boxes can also be used for plants and other household objects!

Dish Pack Moving Boxes

Dish pack moving boxes are specifically designed to secure and carry your most fragile dish items. Transferring glass dishes may be the most stressful part of the move, but dish boxes have heavy-duty cardboard walls to protect from stacking or bumping. It will also protect the dishes if the box is dropped or poked.

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