Plants can be a large part of making a house feel like a home. Whether you’ve spent years tending to a garden out back or a few months nurturing a small succulent in your kitchen, they’re not something you want to leave behind when it’s time to move. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to transport your ‘plant babies’ to your new home with ease.

Indoor Plants

Since you can keep smaller plants in their current holders, they’re a lot easier to move. All you need to do is place them in an open box that’s padded when it’s time to move them over to the new place. Pay special attention to the gaps between the pots when you’re inserting the padding.

As most moving companies aren’t able to transport plants during the move, you’ll need to do it yourself in a separate vehicle. To keep your houseplants healthy through the trip, no matter the distance, try to regulate the temperature.

When you’re moving larger house plants, make sure you trim or prune them before the move to prevent damage. If you’re moving on a chilly day, keep your bigger plants warm and protected by wrapping them in newspaper, as many of them are sensitive to drastic temperature changes.

Are you moving long distance? Then you’ll need to plan for the trip, including how you’ll keep your plants secure during the drive. Cater to them as you would your pets, by taking them with you if you stop somewhere overnight, as the constantly changing temperature will harm them.

Outdoor Plants

Moving outdoor plants is a bit harder to accomplish, especially if they’re huge. It might be easier to leave them where they are and regrow them in your new home. For larger plants, trim them before attempting to uproot them, as it will help them grow in the new place.

Make sure you water them well in advance of removing them, so the roots and soil are still moist during the move. When digging out your outdoor plants, keep as much soil around the roots as possible. Wrap the roots and base of the plant in burlap to allow it to breathe during transportation.

If you’re moving smaller outdoor plants, you can simply place them in a paper bag, roots and all. Paper is better than plastic is it allows the plant to breathe. Keep all outdoor plants in the shade during your move. Once you’ve arrived, replant them as soon as possible.

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