Summertime is generally the most popular time of year to move and while the process can be stressful during any season, the hot months come with their own unique set of challenges. If you are planning to move this summer, the following tips will help:

Plan ahead

This is extremely important and planning ahead is a must; otherwise, you will run into a number of headaches. Summer is a very busy period for movers and planning in advance will ensure you have all the help that you need. Reputable moving companies have very busy schedules and their demand is high, so leaving your plans to the last minute will only result in disappointment. If you do not want to be running around under the scorching hot sun, make sure you are organized and plan everything ahead.

Do your research

Get quotes from several different companies so that you can compare the rates and select the right movers accordingly. Do not make the mistake of hiring the first moving company you see because you may end up spending more than you would with another mover, so take the time to do your research.

Avoid the heat

The sun can make the process of moving difficult and challenging, so it’s always a good idea to book your moving company early in the morning so that you can all beat the heat. It is generally still relatively cool in the early hours of the morning, which will make a big difference. Make sure you remain hydrated and wear light clothing so that you don’t risk the possibility of a heat stroke, which is a possibility when moving in the summer.

Move during the week, if possible

Weekends are extremely busy during the summer, as are the beginning and end of the month because this is when most people typically move. Rates will be higher on these days but weekday appointments are generally cheaper, so see if you can take a few days off during the week to complete your move.

Make sure your belongings are packed carefully

Certain items will not maintain their condition if they are packed in boxes and left in hot trucks. Make sure any specialty items like candles, for example, are packed properly; otherwise, they will melt and ruin your other belongings. Make sure you unpack quickly as well so that your items are not stuck in boxes for long.

Moving during the summer is not as scary as you may think, especially with the right movers by your side. Econo Moving & Storage Ltd. is one of the leading moving companies in the North and West Vancouver areas and can help with all of your moving needs. We also offer self-storage options and our movers will ensure every part of the process is headache-free. If you want a professional moving company to assist with your next move, give us a call now!