Most people dread the process of moving because it can be time consuming and stressful. There are a number of steps involved, and planning ahead is a must if you want to have a pleasant experience.

When it comes to the moving process and moving companies, there are a number of myths and misunderstandings, and the following information will provide you with clarification:

Movers Will Move Everything

This is false because there are safety and liability issues that the moving company must consider. This means that if something is dangerous, they can refuse to move it, so it is best to discuss this aspect in advance to see if you’re going to run into any issues. You can ask the company for a list of things they do not move so that you are aware and can make other arrangements.

Labelling Every Box Is Important

This is definitely true and doing this will make the unpacking process a lot easier. Labeling all of your boxes will take time but it is worth doing because you will be able to remain organized in your new home. You will know which box belongs in what room and can unpack them accordingly to create less work and more efficiency. This will prevent you from having to search for your belongings and having to carry boxes back and forth because everything will be exactly where they are supposed to be, making things a lot easier!

All Of Your Belongings Are Protected By The Moving Company’s Insurance

This is false because while most moving companies do have insurance coverage, it will not be enough to replace your belongings in the event that something goes wrong. If this is something you are concerned about, you should ask about the coverage the moving company provides and inquire whether or not you can get additional coverage for more protection. Some home insurance policies cover belongings during a move, so you should look into this aspect as well.

All Moving Companies Are The Same

This is false because every moving company operates differently and the services they offer will vary. It’s best to contact a few different companies before your move to see which one can best accommodate your needs. Doing a comparison will help you determine the different services each one offers and you can make your decision accordingly and hire the best moving company based on your findings.

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