At some point in your life, you are bound to move into a new home. We can hear your groan, but honestly, if you know how to get organized and follow these handy tips that we, the experts at Econo Moving & Storage Ltd. have shortlisted for you, moving house will be less stressful. Try not to leave things for the last minute. The more you plan ahead of time, the easier it will be.

To Do List Before Moving Homes

Internet Service:

This may not be on top of your mind. For most people moving, decluttering and worrying about packing takes priority. It’s only when they step foot into their new home and are unable to operate their devices do they realize the importance of arranging Internet Service. Don’t make that mistake! Book your internet hook up service at least three weeks in advance, so you avoid the inconvenience of living in your new home without wifi for weeks.


Before moving to your new home, you need to transfer the power connection from the previous tenant’s name to your own. Call your energy provider, give them your name, address, connection dates and all other details required or else the previous tenant will be charged for the energy that you use, and you will be charged for the energy used by the new tenant in your old home.

Children and Pets:

Check with your friends or neighbours about looking after your children and pets on the day of moving. This will help you focus on the tasks ahead and speed things up. Make sure all your friends and relatives are updated about the new move and contact details.

Update Service Providers:

Inform your company, your service providers, your bank, post office, car insurance, home insurance provider, doctors and government bodies. Send notifications through group texts on the phone, secure social media channels or email to make matters easier. Send updates for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Tool Box and Cleaning Tools:

Keep a toolbox handy. That’s the first thing you will need when you start unpacking. Make sure it contains a pair of scissors, cutters, masking tapes, Allen keys, screwdriver, hammer, nails, and felt markers for unpacking, constructing furniture and putting up wall hangings. Keep dust cloths and cleaning liquids in a box with the tools, your vacuum cleaner and mop. You will first need to clean up the house before you bring in the boxes. It will be hard to clean up every corner of your new home after the boxes fill up rooms. For convenience’s sake, have your new home professionally cleaned before you move. This includes steam cleaning the carpet and thorough cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen.

Cables and Valuables:

Keep your phone and computer chargers with you. Make sure all other cables and chargers are packed with the appliances, or you will have a hard time looking for the right ones. Pack all essential documents such as ID cards, insurance papers, and contracts yourself and keep them with you when you move homes. Organize your jewelry and other valuables in secure boxes and keep those with you too. Moving day is always stressful. Make sure your keys are with you. Hand a set of spare keys to other adult members in your family or a trusted neighbour.

First-Night Bag:

Keep all essentials you need for every member of your family on the first day in a bag or box. This includes clothes, toiletries, toilet paper, personal grooming products, your contact lens and cleaning solution, glasses, medications, tea bags, coffee and anything else you need instantly. This will save you from frantic searches right after you move in.

Econo Moving & Storage, North Vancouver, BC

Call Econo Moving & Storage a few weeks before you move to make the transition easier. We provide quality moving and storage services at prices that fit your budget. We also offer mobile mini storage, bring the POD to your home, load and store your goods with the utmost care. Call our professional, friendly staff for a hassle-free move to your new home.

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