Thousands of people move from house to house, city to city, or from one country to another every day. The number of reasons why someone may want to move are endless. These are just a few of the most common motives as to why you may see your neighbour packing up their house. Or maybe you need a reason to justify your desire to move out. Either way, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Changes in Relationships

Whether you’ve been live with your significant other, family or friends, any change in those relationships can lead to the desire to move out. It could be anything from a bad break up or divorce to moving out of your parents’ place when you are ready. These few examples would make anyone want to find a different living situation for themselves.

Seeking an Adventure

Moving will create a new routine, new experiences and opportunities, whether you’re moving to a new city or across the ocean. Going out on your own, or with someone else, will expand your world to so many possibilities. Packing up and moving, especially if you want a fresh start, is the ultimate adventure no matter where you go.

A New Job

Getting a new job could mean having to relocate to a new city, or even country in some cases. Whatever the case may be, you’ll have to pack up your life and find a new place to live that’s close to your new job. Or maybe you’ve been with a company for a while now and the long commute and heavy traffic have finally driven you crazy. Moving can ease the stress of a long drive to and from work.

Difficulties with Finances

Sometimes, moving isn’t by choice. In many cases, mortgage or rental payments can become too much, and you need to find more affordable living conditions. Maybe you’ve lost your job and it’s been hard to find a new one. Moving to a cheaper residence can lighten the load on your savings until you’ve found work. Financial difficulties are one of the many reasons people are forced to move out.


Your children have left the nest, and you’re stuck in a house that’s much too large for just one or two people. This is the best time to consider moving into something smaller and more manageable. Living in a smaller space will make a big difference in your electricity and maintenance fees, another reason why downsizing may be beneficial if you have no need for such a large home.

Buying a House

Finally being able to comfortably own a house is a big reason people tend to move. As one of the largest purchases of your life, saving up for a home could take years of hard work and financial planning before your dream comes true.


Our needs change as we grow older, one of those being accessibility and safety. As our bones and muscles weaken with age, living in a two-story home isn’t ideal for someone whose knees are giving out or who has hip issues. Moving to a smaller home also means less maintenance will need to be done. Being in close proximity to hospitals and health care professionals in case of an emergency is something to consider, especially if you’ll be living alone.

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