Moving can be a particularly stressful experience; gathering your things, boxing them, labeling them, arranging the transport and finally unpacking at a new place. Though they sound like four things to do in writing, in reality, they can be anything but peaceful. Moving is a huge decision and a lot of hard work not only for you but also for your pets. Most dogs, cats and many other kinds of bigger pets can be extremely anxious about moving to a new place. And while it may seem that you only have to worry about your move, in time you will realize that your pets also need to be helped with the transition to keep them energetic and joyful after the move. Here are some tips to make sure that the transition is smooth for your pets too:

Overnight kit

Prepare an overnight kit with all your pet essentials. Ideally, you must pack a separate little suitcase with all the essentials that your pet needs. This includes packing their favorite toys, a litter box, a blanket, some treats, etc. which are easily accessible so that whenever your pet feels anxious you can calm him down quickly.


Before planning a move, speak to your vet whether your pet has received all the necessary vaccinations and is healthy enough to travel. It is recommended to finish all the vaccinations from your pet’s known vet so that they will be less anxious with a new vet. Also, ask for suggestions from your animal doctor on how you can make the transition easier for your pet.

Keep your pets away from the moving action

One sure way to stress your pet is the entry and exit of too many moving people. Dogs can be very attached to the belongings in your home and a complete stranger from a moving company touching things in their home can make them very anxious and angry. It is advisable to keep your pet away from all the action and keep him at the most peaceful and silent spot.


One of the key things to do is manage your pet’s transportation. Most pet parents recommend keeping your pets with you. Remember that for your pet to feel safe and secure, they should be able to see you or some family member at all times. Arrange for your pet to travel with you. Bigger dogs require a pet kennel but smaller pets can travel in a carrier in your car. If you are moving with your pet fish, remember to keep them in the tank while transporting them.

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