Each business has unique storage requirements; these needs can be met in a number of ways, one of them being mobile storage pods. What is a mobile storage pod? What are the benefits? And who benefits from mobile storage pods.

What is a Pod?

At Econo Moving & Storage, a pod is a mobile storage solution designed to sit in storage until the business owner or client needs the contents back. The pods are delivered to the initial location anywhere in Vancouver, loaded up by Econo Moving & Storage staff and transported back to a warehouse where it will be stored until the delivery date. On the delivery date, the team will drop off your pod to whatever location you have specified.

Benefits of Pods

You and your business can benefit in a number of ways from using pod storage solutions, including the following:

Variety of sizing
Pods are available for every size of business. Our variety of sizes are as follows: 8x8x7, 6x8x7 and 4x8x7. Use multiple pods to meet your storage needs exactly without a problem!

Stored in temperature regulated warehouse
The Econo Moving & Storage facility has over 68,000 square feet of storage space in our warehouse. We will easily fit your pod and offer you a wide variety of return dates. You can feel confident that your belongings are stored in safe and temperature regulated conditions to prevent damage.

Don’t lift a finger
When you purchase a pod storage solution from Econo Moving & Storage, all the heavy lifting is done for you; quite literally. All you have to do is point at the items you want to store and watch the extra items disappear!

With pod storage, this temporary storage solution is ideal for businesses that need the contents moved from one facility to the next.

Discover peace of mind when it comes to your belongings’ safety. Our storage facilities can only be accessed by approved employees. This means your belongings will be returned to you in the exact condition they were stored in.

Who can Benefit from a Pod

Any business can benefit from pod storage solutions. Pods are a great asset during a move or renovations, they effectively clear out anything that would be in the way during the process.
Pods can be returned and unloaded as necessary.

Pods with Econo Moving & Storage

When you use storage solutions offered by Econo Moving & Storage, you can call with information about what you need stored and for how long. The team will offer you some great storage solutions based on your unique needs.

Looking for your own business’s portable storage solution? Take the first step with a call to Econo Moving & Storage solutions! Whether you’re moving offices or renovating, safely store your items with Econo Moving & Storage pods! Call us today for your quote.

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