There are so many different storage spaces that accommodate your needs and wants when you are moving homes or just need to get rid of some junk. Storage spaces are great for storing away stuff you don’t need or memories that cannot all fit inside your home. These storage spaces also come in handy when you are moving to smaller homes. Storage spaces will help you to declutter your home and make room for new memories and new furniture. Sometimes it can be hard to focus or do anything when you are living in a space full of clutter.

There are so many tips on how you can find out which storage size and space would be best for you. The first thing you will want to do is perform an inventory of all your belongings. You will want to count all of the boxes which you have, and you will also want to keep count of your bookshelves, tables and other items. Make sure to check your home’s inventory space. You don’t want to purchase a storage unit if you already have space inside your home to store away items and furniture.

You will want to calculate the space; this means taking a measuring tape and finding out the dimensions of all your furniture and boxes. If you would like to find out the soiree footage of the items you are storing away, make sure to multiply the length and width. There is no right way to measure your items, one way people do it is by stacking items on top of each other, then measuring them. You will then want to choose between a small, medium and large storage space. Small storage spaces are about 25-50 square feet and can hold one room, medium storage spaces are about 75-150 and can fit up to three rooms, and the large space is 200-300 square feet and can fit up to five rooms.

There are many storage unit sizes and spaces available for your needs and wants, especially when you are moving homes or cities. You always want to try your best to declutter your spaces and make sure you have a clean space to think and process. If you are looking for moving companies or self-storage in Northern Vancouver, contact Econo Moving and Storage.

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