You can create easy and hassle-free access to your belongings in storage by following these quick and easy tips to help make your storage unit organizer.

Imagine this: you see on the weather news report that there is a blizzard coming and freezing temperatures, but you realize that you have all of your cold weather clothing and equipment in your storage unit. With the temperatures falling fast, you make a trip to your self-storage unit in North Vancouver and start to dig through the boxes trying to locate your sweaters, coats, and boots.

Then, before you know it, a stack of boxes have tipped over, causing a huge mess and only worsening your frustration. The last thing you want to do is go through every single box in a disorganized storage unit. This makes things a huge hassle, especially if you need them now.

However, doing a bit of planning ahead is sure to make your storage unit more organized so that it can help save frustration and headache later on. These are some simple tips to help you organize your storage unit so that you can find what you need to find in a timely manner.

Use only one box size for most, if not all, of your items in storage in North Vancouver

Using same-size boxes can help you with stacking them and with accessibility overall. Small or medium boxes should be the perfect fit for most of your belongings. Large boxes are great for items that aren’t too heavy, but they might not be a good choice at the bottom of large stacks. Large boxes, especially when put at the bottom of a stack, are also more difficult to remove if you need to get something from them.

Figure out what items you might need quick access to while in storage

Things that you don’t use regularly might be needed later on. Consider what you might need while your belongings are in storage, and give some extra thought on where to keep seasonal items. These are some things you might need to retrieve from your storage unit in North Vancouver when the time comes:
– Summer or winter clothing
– Trip supplies like tents, sleeping bags, sleds, cookout utensils or snorkelling gear
– Holiday items like costumes, decorations or bakeware
– Kids toys’ (kids can enjoy a “new” box of toys when they get bored of the ones they held onto while packing)
– Tools and hobby supplies
– And office documents

Label every box that you pack

Label each box on the top and on at least one of the sides using a unique box number, what room that it came from and what is inside the box. You can place special marks on boxes that you might need access to at some point during storage, and remember to put them into your storage unit in North Vancouver last. Try to be as detailed as possible with the contents.

Create a master contents list

Write down all of the content of each box, along with the box number on paper or digitally. This might seem like an extra step, but a master list becomes handy when you are looking for a specific item.

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