There’s no doubt that moving can be incredibly stressful. To make the trek to your new home an easy and quick experience, here are several ways you can make moving a breeze.

Pack an overnight bag

Your first few nights are guaranteed to be hectic, what with all of your belongings packed away somewhere. To make your life easier, pack an overnight bag with your essentials. This includes your toothbrush, a change of clothes, a phone charger, whatever you’ll need to get through the days while unpacking your life.

Label the side of your boxes

Instead of just labelling the tops of your boxes, as the writing will be covered when they’re inevitably stacked on top of one another, mark up the sides of them as well. Write down which room that particular box belongs in so it can be placed in the corresponding room immediately.

Use empty containers as moving boxes

Instead of purchasing dozens of boxes that will be thrown out, use all the empty bins and containers you already own as packing boxes. Sure, you still may need to buy boxes, or find free ones at local stores, but you won’t need as many.

Take pictures of your new place

By taking a photo of your new place before moving in, you’ll have evidence of the condition of the apartment from the start. When moving out, you’ll have something to compare your place to so you can get your deposit back. This is a great moving hack if you have a particularly unreasonable landlord.

Hire movers for big furniture

While your friends might be willing to help you during your move, it’s best to ensure the bigger pieces of furniture are moved by a professional moving company. They’ll have the proper tools and know-how to make the job a lot easier.

Empty your fridge the day before

You’ll have to turn off your fridge if it’s coming with you. Do yourself and your movers a favour and empty it out at least one day before you move. This way, any ice or liquid won’t slip their truck and potentially damage your other items.

Use sandwich back for small items

It’s easy to lose things during a hectic move, especially if you have to keep track of tiny screws for rebuilding furniture or the television remote. To make your day less stressful, place all your easily lost items into one large ziplock bag and keep it with your overnight gear. While you won’t need them immediately, at least you’ll know where they are.

Cut handles into your boxes

It can be hard to get a good grip on heavier moving boxes. Make your day easier by cutting handles into the sides of them. Now you don’t have to worry about that box full of dishes and glassware slipping out of your hands.

Use suitcases for heavy items

Say you have a rather large collection of books that need to be moved into your new home. Carrying them in moving boxes will be a pain to both your hands and back. Remedy that by packing them into suitcases and rolling them to their new home.


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