Moving is never easy, and a commercial move, in particular, can be both challenging and complicated if the proper procedures are not followed. Certain mistakes will prevent the process from running smoothly and result in a waste of time as well as energy.

In order for your commercial move to be successful, you must avoid the following mistakes:

1. Failing to thoroughly research the moving company you select will lead to problems because you may find that they do not have the proper licensing to complete a move of such magnitude. Always do your research to ensure you hire a professional company that has the right credentials so that you don’t run into unpleasant surprises. Check their references and get to know the company before hiring them and committing to a contract.

2. Not having a detailed plan will cause you to waste a lot of time. Having a plan in place early on will ensure that everyone at the company knows their responsibilities so that the process is smooth and stress-free. Provide timelines for when certain things need to be organized and placed in boxes so that when the day or week of the actual move arrives, there is no confusion and everyone is ready.

3. Packing at random may seem easier in the moment but you will come to regret it once you open the boxes at the new location. Organizing your files and paperwork is very important, as these documents contain sensitive information. You want them to be in order as soon as they’re unpacked so you can transition and get back to business easily and effectively.

4. Forgetting to label your boxes will result in chaos at your new location. The right labels will make the move a lot easier as everyone will know exactly which department every box should go to, whether it’s in a specific office, showroom or warehouse. This will save a lot of time and you won’t have to go around looking for things you desperately need.

5. Starting to pack late happens a lot because it’s tough to let go of your regular business routine for a few days or even a few hours, but preparing well in advance will help you resume your daily routine and settle in at the new location a lot faster. It’s never a good idea to panic and start throwing things in boxes, so the earlier you start, the more organized you will be.

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