Moving when it’s freezing cold outside seems like a bad idea, right? While, yes, the winter months might not be ideal for moving, it does have some advantages- like lower rates and an easier time booking your mover of choice. As long as you have done some smart planning, winter moving can be easier than you anticipated.

Here are some things you need to know and prepare for when moving in the winter.

Plan For When The Weather Is Not On Your Side

Winter weather conditions can be unpredictable. So it’s best to plan ahead and schedule a backup day for your move. As the big day approaches, check the weather forecast frequently. Most truck rental companies will allow you to reschedule up to the day before.

Clear Driveways And Walkways

Has it snowed recently? Large amounts of snow build-up will make walking around difficult and dangerous, so make sure to shovel and salt your walkways and driveways thoroughly. This will also prevent excess ice, a hazard to both you and your movers. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt while carrying something heavy or fragile!

Make Space For Parking

You and your movers will be walking back and forth to your home to pack the truck, so minimize this distance and make space for parking beforehand. Make sure to clear any plowed snow or park your car away from your home to allow easy access to your home.

Move-In The Morning

Daylight hours are shorter in the winter months, so you should opt for a morning move rather than an afternoon one. Winter moving is likely to take longer, so choose an earlier slot to avoid moving in the dark.

Turn Off The Furnace

Unless the temperatures are below freezing, you can turn off the furnace to save some money on your energy bill. Your furnace won’t be able to heat the house efficiently with the front door wide open anyway.

Pack A Little Differently

Moving boxes with packing tape should be able to withstand a little drizzle. However, if you’re anticipating heavy rain, you might want to consider renting plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes for moving.

Protect The Floors

Movers will inevitably be tracking in snow, salt and mud when walking in and out of your home. To keep your carpets and hardwood floors clean, lay plastic sheets, tarps or blankets on the floor to create a clear path to the front door.

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