Self-storage can be a great solution to save and preserve your most prized belongings. Many people use self-storage for many different reasons. Some need to make more space in their homes, and others move and need somewhere to place their belongings while they make the transition.

Whatever the reasons are, keeping your belongings safe is an important factor in choosing the right storage facility for your needs.

When shopping around for the best storage solutions, you will first need to figure out whether or not you need a climate-controlled environment to help preserve your valuables and keepsakes. You also need to think about safety and security. Here are some tips to make sure your things stay safe during their time in storage.

Look For A Storage Facility That Has Many Different Layers Of Protection

There are many different security-related things you should keep an eye out for in any facility. Loko around the perimeter to make sure there is a strong gate or fence surrounding the property. This is the first layer of security, and it helps keep out anyone who isn’t authorized to be on the premises. Seeing electronic key codes to enter and exit are also a good thing.

The next level of security is video surveillance. Having video evidence can help make sure that if anything goes wrong and there is an intruder, they will be identified and apprehended. Also, ask if there will be an employee on the premises for 24 hours every day. The facility doesn’t need to be open all the time, however, having someone be physically there can prevent anything from happening.

Environmental Protection

If you will be renting an indoor storage, it will be important for you to make sure that the units are properly sealed and secure in order to prevent any damage from occurring from the elements. If you need to get climate control storage, then there is less likely a chance for damage from factors like inclement weather.

Without proper protection, your items can be at risk of suffering from floods, fires, rust, or corrosion. If you see that your furniture is becoming cracked or split, then you should think about switching units or facilities altogether.

Make Sure You Get A Solid Lock

It’s also important to take your security into your own hands if you are able to. A lock is one of the more obvious security needs, however many people don’t take the quality of their lock seriously enough. Some storage facilities will require you to bring your own lock. You can find a lock in any shape and size. Be sure that you are getting a high-quality lock that cannot be easily cut using bolt or wire cutters. This is usually the first and best line of defence to make sure that your items will be safe.

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